Ferrando (Così fan tutte) and Acis (Acis and Galatea), Dorset Opera Festival

The Fine Times Recorder (July 2021)

Acis was sung by Peter Gijsbertsen, a brilliant young Dutch tenor who also sang Ferrando in Cosi. He has a deliciously rich tenor voice..


Gonzalve in L’heure Espagnole, Opera Zuid

NRC, Joep Stapel (November 2020)

Vooral Peter Gijsbertsen is onbedaarlijk grappig als Gonzalve..

“Peter Gijsbertsen especially was hilarious as Gonzalve..”

Operagazet, Olivier Keegel (November 2020)

“Peter Gijsbertsen vertolkte op sublieme en oerkomische wijze de rol van dichter Gonzalve [..]. Met tenorale melodieusheid, maar vooral met een dosis magistrale humor. Een genot om Gijsbertsen in actie te zien.”

“Peter Gijsbertsen was sublime and hilarious as the poet Gonzalve [..]. With tenorial melodiousness, but above all a dose of majestic humour. A joy to see Gijsbertsen in action.”


Recital Dutch National Opera

Trouw, Peter van der Lint (June 2020)

“Echte openbaringen waren de recitals van Helena Rasker en Peter Gijsbertsen. De laatste overtuigde enorm met muziek van Clara Schumann en Richard Strauss. Heerlijk uitbundig zong hij aria’s uit operettes van Léhar.”

“Real revelations were the recitals by Helena Rasker and Peter Gijsbertsen. The latter convinced enormously with music by Clara Schumann and Richard Strauss. With delicious exuberance he sang arias from operettas by Léhar.”


Recital (Winterreise by Schubert)

NRC, Joep Stapel (June 2020)

“Gijsbertsen heeft een uitzonderlijke stem, met een glasheldere hoogte en een sonoor laag (…). Zijn voordracht blonk uit in elegante eenvoud en geloofwaardige inleving: geen overdreven drama, en daardoor des te meer zeggingskracht.”

“Gijsbertsen has an extraordinary voice, with crystal clear high and sonorous low notes (…). His presentation excelled in elegant simplicity and a palpable interpretation: no exaggerated drama, and because of that even more eloquence.”


CD Clara Schumann: Complete Songs

Gramophone, Hugo Shirley (August 2019)

Gijsbertsen bring[s] ringing heroic tone and dramatic urgency to his numbers [..] as well as touching tenderness. [..] There’s a great deal to enjoy in his account of the fine songs that make up Op. 13. [..] Gijsbertsen makes a no less persuasive case for the precocious works of the early 1830s – the charming, slightly parlouresque ‘Walzer’, for example, and the terrific, pointedly Schubertian ‘Der Wanderer in der Sägemühle’.


CD Extase (Duparc songs)

Het Parool, Erik Voermans (4 May 2019)

“Gijsbertsen heeft een uitzonderlijk mooi en rijk tenoraal timbre, waarin tegelijkertijd avondlijke baritonale schaduwen doorklinken. Een stem uit duizenden.”

“Gijsbertsen has an exceptionally beautiful and rich tenoral coulor, in which, at the same time nocturnal baritonal shadows seep through. A voice out of thousands.”

Luister, Paul Herruer (July 2019)

“.. Er zijn vrij veel momenten dat er een teveel aan stem en kracht klinkt, waarbij het verschil tussen forte en fortissimo nauwelijks hoorbaar is en het vibrato echt beteugeld zou moeten worden.”

“.. There are a fair few moments of exessive use of voice and power, where the difference between forte and fortissimo is barely audible and the vibrato should really be reigned in”.

Operamagazine, Jordi Kooiman (6 August 2019)

Peter Gijsbertsen is in topvorm. Zijn legato is onweerstaanbaar; een stroom hemelse drank waar je oneindig van kunt drinken

“Gijsbertsen is in top form. His legato is irresistable; a flow of ambrosia of which you can drink without end”

Basia con fuoco, Basia Jaworski

“Peter Gijsbertsen en Liesbeth Devos laten de liederen van Duparc opbloeien als nooit tevoren”

“Peter Gijsbertsen and Liesbeth Devos let Duparc’s songs flourish as never before.”


Tamino in The magic flute, Scottish Opera

Bachtrack, David Smyhte (May 2019)

 “Peter Gijsbertsen was a strong, heroic Tamino, his secure tenor matching Gemma Summerfield’s honeyed Pamina.”


Tamino in Die Zauberflöte, Nouvel Opéra Fribourg

ResMusica, Jacques Schmitt (January 2019)

“[…] le ténor Peter Gijsbertsen (Tamino) est en pleine possession de ses moyens. Alors qu’on attend un Tamino timide, emprunté devant les épreuves qu’il doit affronter pour enlever le cœur de Pamina, on trouve un jeune homme vaillant, à la voix sonore et superbement timbrée. Un Tamino au phrasé franc, plus près d’un Nicolaï Gedda que d’un Léopold Simoneau.”

“Tenor Peter Gijsbertsen (Tamino) is in full posession of his [vocal] means. Instead of a shy Tamino, ill-at-ease with the trials he has to face to win the heart of Pamina, we find a valiant young man with a sonorous voice of a magnificent colour. An openhearted Tamino, closer to Nicolaï Gedda than Léopold Simoneau.”

La Liberté, Elisabeth Haas (December 2018)

“Le tenor de Tamino (Peter Gijsbertsen) est solaire, avec un timbre régulier, lumineux jusque dans les aigus, beaucoup d’harmoniques.”

“The tenor of Tamino (Peter Gijsbertsen) is radiant, with an even timbre, bright till the top notes with plenty of overtones.”

Alfredo in La Traviata, Longborough Festival Opera

Classical Source, David Truslove (June 2018)

“Peter Gijsbertsen […] gets into his stride early on and there’s no mistaking his virile vocal apparatus, tender and passionate.”

Bachtrack, Charlotte Valori (June 2018)

“Peter Gijsbertsen’s burnished tenor matches Patalong beautifully […] in a deeply moving performance.”

Janicek in Diary of one who disappeared, Opéra de Lyon/Muziektheater Transparant

Classique news, Albert Dacheux (February 2018)

“Peter Gijsbertsen est un valeureux ténor, dont la maîtrise vocale et dramatique nous émeut. La voix est claire, projetée à souhait. Elle sait se faire caressante comme véhémente.”

“Peter Gijsbertsen is an ardent tenor, whose vocal and dramatic mastery moves us. The voice is clear with extraordinary projection. It can simultaneously act like  a caress or be tempestuous.”

CD Nacht und Traüme (Schubert songs)

Fanfare Magazine, Raymond Beegle (November 2017)

Nacht und Träume, a recital of Schubert songs, is a very important event. Tenor Peter Gijsbertsen has every quality to make his mark as one of the finest Schubert interpreters of our time, or any time: beauty of voice, grace, simplicity, and a noble, unaffected demeanor. This is one of the most remarkable, most beautiful Schubert song recordings ever.”

Alfredo in La Traviata, Scottish Opera

Bachtrack, Gregor Forbes (October 2017)

“… the focus in this production is on Alfredo, portrayed with fine nuance by tenor Peter Gijsbertsen. His Alfredo is forever on the cusp between awkward boyhood and the false self-assurance of early manhood, with a voice that is elegant and pining with ardour.”

Acis in Acis and Galatea, Opéra Louise

Freiburger Nachrichten, Irmgard Lehmann (November 2016)

“Peter Gijsbertsen verleiht dem Schäfer Acis tenorale Strahlkraft und glaubhafte Virilität.”

“Peter Gijsbertsen offers the shepherd Acis a tenoral ring and palpable masculinity.”

Novice in Billy Budd, BAM/Glyndebourne Festival Opera

New York Times, Anthony Tommasini (9 February 2014)

“Standouts among the strong cast are (…) the sweet tenor Peter Gijsbertsen (who) brings palpable vulnerability to the Novice.”