“Peter Gijsbertsen est un valeureux ténor, dont la maîtrise vocale et dramatique nous émeut. La voix est claire, projetée à souhait. Elle sait se faire caressante comme véhémente.”

“Peter Gijsbertsen is an ardent tenor, whose vocal and dramatic mastery moves us. The voice is clear with extraordinary projection. It can simultaneously act like  a caress or be tempestuous.”

Diary of one who disappeared, Muziektheater Transparant

Classique news, Albert Dacheux

Lyon, 8 February 2018

Nacht und Träume, a recital of Schubert songs, is a very important event. Tenor Peter Gijsbertsen has every quality to make his mark as one of the finest Schubert interpreters of our time, or any time: beauty of voice, grace, simplicity, and a noble, unaffected demeanor. This is one of the most remarkable, most beautiful Schubert song recordings ever.”

 CD Nacht und Traüme (Schubert songs)

Raymond Beegle, Fanfare Magazine,

New York, 18 November 2017

“… the focus in this production is on Alfredo, portrayed with fine nuance by tenor Peter Gijsbertsen. His Alfredo is forever on the cusp between awkward boyhood and the false self-assurance of early manhood, with a voice that is elegant and pining with ardour.

 La Traviata, Scottish Opera

Bachtrack, Gregor Forbes

Glasgow, 21 October 2017

“Peter Gijsbertsen verleiht dem Schäfer Acis tenorale Strahlkraft und glaubhafte Virilität.”

“Peter Gijsbertsen offers the shepherd Acis a tenoral ring and palpable masculinity.”

 Acis and Galatea, Opéra Louise

Freiburger Nachrichten, Irmgard Lehmann

Fribourg, 4 November 2016

Standouts among the strong cast are (…) the sweet tenor Peter Gijsbertsen (who) brings palpable vulnerability to the Novice.

Billy Budd, BAM New York Times, Anthony Tommasini

New York, 9 February 2014